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»Slovenian Bee Forage Planting Day« - last Saturday in March 2022

»Slovenian Bee Forage Planting Day« is the first defined tree planting project in EU that is officially contributing to the EU project »3 billion trees by 2030« and will also contribute to the planned greenhouse gas emission sinks in EU, which will help achieve European climate neutrality. One of the main goals of our project is also to increase bee forage resources in Slovenia, which will help many pollinators as well as honey bees in the future, when their survival will be increasingly more difficult due to climate change. By doing this, we will also help to ensure food stability, since around 70 % of all grown food in the world depends on insect pollination.

On "Slovenian Bee Forage Planting Day«, Slovenian beekeepers and other interested individuals will be planting bee forage plants in bigger as well as smaller areas: in Slovenian forests, in our gardens, in containers on our balconies, as well as on public surfaces such as parks and elsewhere. With this noble activity, we will take care of our honey bees and other pollinators together and ensure new food sources for their development by planting honey trees and other honey plants.
Slovenian beekeepers would like to encourage all European countries as well as other European Beekeepers’ Associations to support and join our project. Europe needs to plant new bee forage trees and plant to help save the environment and our pollinators. By doing so we will help to ensure their survival and the subsequent pollination for around 70 % of plants that produce our food.

Therefore, mark the ❗️last Saturday in March 2022❗️ in your calendar, when each of us will plant a honey tree and contribute to the bee forage and survival of our pollinators, as well as help preserve our environment for future generations.